Laboratorios ADMIRA have our own production facilities. All our manufacturing processes conform to ISO 9000 and HACCP quality control systems.

In terms of production, we are clearly specialised in the manufacturing of supplements in the hard gelatine capsule format, the most common in the sector.

Formulation and excipient production is carried out under strict hygiene conditions (HACCP) and weight control, with the possibility of batches from a few kilograms to several tons. We are equipped with various sized “V type” mixers, with and without intensifying helix (a very efficient system for all kinds of solid mixing).

We have automatic and manual encapsulation facilities for hard gelatine capsules, in the most typical formats of the dietary supplements sector. Production can be adapted to the needs of our client.

We have automatic PVC-Aluminium blister packing equipment, allowing various sizes and layout of capsules (15cap/blister, 14cap/blister., etc).

We offer a box design and filling service at our premises.